ATOM LED DC12V Switch LED Power Supply Transformer IP20 Non-Waterproof


  • 12 DC Power Adapter IP20
  • for LED Strip & Neon Flex
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Indoor use Only
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These power supplies are a high quality item which are ideal for powering any 12v DC item. These 12v supplies are an ideal item for powering our flexible LED strips and Neon Flex lights. If you opt to purchase this item to run your LED strip light then you simply connect the strip light to the supply and you can power your item from a regular 240v plug socket

All our supplies are manufactured to the highest standards and built to last, the majority of the time 12v adapters are installed in difficult to access areas so it’s essential you opt for a reliable power source. Our supplies are both reliable and safe making them ideal for any scale of project.

If you have any queries on the supply required for your projects then please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

Additional information

Additional information

IP Rating



DC12 100W, DC12 120W, DC12 150W, DC12 15W, DC12 180W, DC12 200W, DC12 250W, DC12 25W, DC12 360W, DC12 36W, DC12 400W, DC12 500W, DC12 50W, DC12 60W, DC12 80W

Product Code:100.921
ManufacturerATOM LED
Product TypePower Supply
IP RatingIP20 Non-Waterproof
WattsDC12 15W, DC12 25W, DC12 36W, DC12 50W, DC12 60W, DC12 80W, DC12 100W, DC12 120W, DC12 150W, DC12 180W, DC12 200W, DC12 250W, , DC12 360W, , DC12 400W, DC12 500W