Given how versatile our LED strip lights are, we get a lot of questions about our LED tape too. We’ve assembled the most common questions we get into one list.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights (12v & 24V) are long, flexible strips of LEDs with a commercial grade adhesive backing used to create hidden and subtle lighting effects, such as under cabinet lighting. Most of our 220 – 220V LED Strip lights come without adhesive backing and are attached by clippers.

How Are Your LED Strip Lights Sold?

We sell our LED tape by the metre, with all prices and specifications you see on the site based per metre too. So, if a particular strip light says 7.2W energy consumption, then 5 metres of this tape will use a total of 36W. We feel that selling our strip lights by the metre allows for greater amounts of flexibility for our customers, and gives you the exact amount you need.

Can Your LED Strip Lights Be Cut?

Yes, all our strip lights come with designated cutting points that differ depending on the type of tape used. Most of our LED Strip and LED Neon Flex have cutting marks on them.

What Voltage Are Your LED Strip Lights?

All our LED strip lights are available in 12V. We also sell 24V single colour and 24V RGB colour changing colour and 220 – 240V LED Strip and Neon Flex.

What Is The Maximum Length Of LED Strip Light I Can Run From A Single LED Driver?

Technically speaking, there is no limit to the amount of strip light you can run. As long as you’re getting sufficient power to the strip light, you will be fine. However, we do recommend breaking larger runs of strip light down into smaller sections to avoid voltage drop. If you have any difficulties with this, the easiest thing to do would be to give our team a call, and they can advise you on everything you need to know.

Are Your LED Strip Lights Dimmable?

Yes, though you will need a 12V dimmer switch.

Do My LED Strip Lights Need To Be Waterproof?

This depends on where you’re going to be using your LED strip lights. If they might be exposed to moisture, then you may want to put an IP rating on your purchase. IP ratings and the level of protection they provide is as follows.

IP RatingProtection against foreign bodiesProtection against moisture
IP20Protected against objects larger than 50mmNo protection
IP44Protected against objects larger than 1mmSplash proof
IP65Completely dust tightLight jets of water
IP67Completely dust tightFor Heavy Weather Outdoor Use. Not to be submerged underwater. Never submerge 220V 240V underwater.
IP68Completely dust tightFull submergible

Generally, to make sure there is no damage to your strips, we recommend using IP65 protection in areas like the kitchen or bathroom, ensuring that steam and condensation won’t cause any damage.

If you’re planning on using them outside, or in a fish tank for example, then we recommend using IP68 rating. We also offer something called IP68 nano – a revolutionary new type of protection that encases your strips in a silicone coating.

This ensures that you can still use it with our range of aluminium profiles, as it doesn’t alter the physical size of the tape itself.

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